Sunday, November 18, 2012

Running/Launching Linux/Android OS with  same kernel, Is it possible How to do?:

In Embedded/STB devices, Mostly they will be using the Linux OS.
Now they are moving to android. How it is possible for them to move to linux???

  over the Linux kernel, Some patches/changes are applied and it is called as android kernel. They are having separate branch also.
 To run android, Below Components involved:
    bootloader, kernel,android source code compiled binaries

    we have to compile kernel with target[ARM /x86] architecture. In the same way we have to compile android source code to the target architecture[x86/ARM].

   Initially the bootloader will loads kernel. Kernel will starts init process of android.

This init process will loads init.rc, init_board.rc scripts and also launches all the android services.

   The user can load linux/android OS with same kernel.

we can have a script to launch android/linux OS or based on user choice.

In launching an android script, we have to run android init processes in background;
  ./androidbin/init & # This init binary is generated from android source code.

  The target device should have all the android binaries.
 Linux also have the same script.
   ./linuxbin/init &

   Linux source code also has init source code. This should be invoked if we want to launch the linux.This init process will launch all linux binaries.
The device should have all the linux source code compiled binaries.

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