Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today I learnt two things:

1.How to load the WMP with local file ?
2.FourCC codes in AVI file format

How to load WMP with local file:
VS2005 debugger :
File path : wmPlayer
command line arguments : file://My documents//incredibles.avi

FourCC codes in AVI file:

FOURCC('0','0','d','c') - video
FOURCC('0','1','w','b') - audio

dc - indicates video stream
wb - indicates audio stream

00 - indicates the Stream number
01 - '' ''

Usually video will be the first stream and audio will be the second stream.
But For Some avi files, (Problematic avi file)

we found the audio as first stream and video as second stream.
So we need to check only the dc or wb to identify the stream type ( video or audio).