Friday, April 10, 2009

How to handle seek operation in Splitter or Source Filter ?

How to handle seek operation in Splitter /Source Filter:
1.SetPositions () called multiple times for a Single Seek operation.
2.we have to Set m_bSeeked variable in SetPositions() and Start Seek position
3.We have to store the Previous Seek value.within FillBuffer(), if m_bSeeked set,check for the seeked position and Previous seek position. if they are different, then send a seek request tostack or file parser.
So even Multiple SetPositions () ( 3 times) called for a single seek, operation from our filter we will send a seek request onceby having seeked Flag and Checking the Previous seek position with current seek position.
During Seeking, FillBuffer must not wait for any event... it must be unblocked ... ( Set Positions () fn will call flushing in all the output pins. Flushing will wait for the FillBuffer to complete its operation.