Friday, November 23, 2012

Problem in static IP:

I ported the android x86 ethernet support to android board.
I used the same kernel to run ICS and jellybean OS.
I faced  the problem in setting static IP. while switching from DHCP to Static IP, entire system hangs.
 Ethernet patch is storing the value in Settings. while reading the value from settings and setting the static IP, it hangs...
Since ethernet is configured in bootup time, system hangs and doesnt proceed booting android.

    I analysed and found that providers/settings data will be stored in /data/data/
All android applications/providers database values will be stored under /data/data/
To clear the settings value, we can format /data/ partition , So that stored information will be deleted.
Now I am able to proceed with booting android.
   But still problem is there while setting static IP.I doubted the network environments/OS/my program.

  1)Through ifconfig, I am able to set static IP address. So there is no problem in network environment.    
  2) I doubted IP settings are not allowd in jellybean, any  new services have been added to change IP address. Since I am using same kernel, there wont be any changes in kernel level.
  3) I doubted my entire program is not working. But same code was previously working with ICS.

Previously with ICS, I am able to set static IP and tested well.Same code is not working. I doubted my static Ip setting itself is not working.
 To narrow down the issue, I hardcoded the netmask value, afterwards it is able to set static IP.
  In my code, I debugged and found that it is hanging in netmask to prefix conversion which is required for setting static IP address.

 Lessons Learnt:  1) All android applications store data/database values under /data/data/[Package name of the android]
  2) Always document the sample inputs/environments for success cases, So in future, if the system is failing, we can try with that input.
  3) always test lower limit and upper limit values... System hangs since It is failed in lower limit

 Please refer my previous post about netmask to prefix conversion problem.


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