Friday, July 27, 2012

How will you identify the memory leaks in android ?
1.We can use valgrind tool to find memory leaks, stack corruption, array bound overflows etc
2 Valgrind tool is ported in Icecream sandwich onwards
3.From DDMS, we can select the process and start profiling, we have to do suspected memory leak operation,some file will be created.we can use eclipse memory analyzer tool to identify the memory leaks from this file
4.We can identify the memory leak by process. By putting ps command it will list down the memory occupied by process. Same can be viewed in settings option also. 

      If we want to check whether the video playback has memory leak or not,we have to type ps command to identify the memory occupied by mediaserver process. we can run the video continuously for 100 times or 200 times. Afterwards we have to check memory again for mediaserver process in ps command. if there is a great increase in memory, then we can confirm there is a memoryleak in a video playback. 

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