Friday, July 27, 2012

Dalvik Debug Monitoring System:

DDMS is integrated into Eclipse and is also shipped in the tools/ directory of the SDK. DDMS works with both the emulator and a connected device. If both are connected and running simultaneously, DDMS defaults to the emulator.
  • From Eclipse: Click Window > Open Perspective > Other... > DDMS.
  • From the command line: Type ddms (or ./ddms on Mac/Linux) from thetools/ directory

    How DDMS Interacts with a Debugger

    When DDMS starts, it connects to adb. When a device is connected, a VM monitoring service is created between adb and DDMS, which notifies DDMS when a VM on the device is started or terminated. Once a VM is running, DDMS retrieves the the VM's process ID (pid), via adb, and opens a connection to the VM's debugger, through the adb daemon (adbd) on the device. DDMS can now talk to the VM using a custom wire protocol

    DDMS features summary:/when we will use DDMS ?
    For the following purpose, we can use DDMS.
    1.Viewing heap usage for a process
    2.Tracking memory allocation of objects
    3.Working with emulator or device's file system 
        we can copy video files/files to emulator or device with DDMS
    4.using logcat : logs can be viewed and filtered based on LOG_TAGS
    5.monitoring network traffic information

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