Monday, December 10, 2012

What I have done and what I have learnt from comptetition problems:

From Codeforces,I solved the following problems:

1) Files list
    Previously in OS or c program, we can have 8 characters filename and 3 characters for extension.
I felt that design in this problem

2)cd and pwd commands
 From this problem, I learnt that how we can implement cd and pwd commands in shell.
How it will remembers the user's present working directory especially the user is doing cd ..


  From this problem, I learnt that How css is applied with HTML tags. How we can highlight the tags with user's choices.

4)Simple XML

  From this problem I learnt that How XML tags can be aligned or C/C++ source code is aligned based on {} brackets in editor

5)try... catch problem

From this problem, I learnt how compilers will execute exceptions with try ... catch blocks
It is one of awesome reallife problem.

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