Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Problem solving steps:
1.Log effort on what I am doing for every half an hour or 1 hour work
2.Why we are struck up with problem ?

  i) we dont know what is the problem/what we are doing/why we are doing ?
  ii) Simply try to debug the problem
         Conceptualize the problem
  iii)No clarity on what we are doing, we will do the same thing again and again

3)For every half an hour or 1 hour, Think for 10 mins on what you are upto and what you are going to do?
4)Identify the possible set of problems and localize it one by one
5)For clarity, document what are all the possible approaches tried/why it is failed ?
6)Always start from the known things.[ our task is not do well things we dont know before.To solve
problems, in front of us right now...] It will also lead to know unknown things

7)Anyone can work on known things...
     I know that I know - 3 %
     I Know that I dont know=2%
     I dont know that I dont know -Unleashing this knowledge /handle this type of scenario unleashes your potential.

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