Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Books recommended in codechef

1. Standard book on Algorithms - Introduction to Algorithms by T H
Cormen, C E Leiserson, R L Rivest, C stein ( Famously known as CLRS )
2. Basic Algorithms - Algorithms by Richard Johnsonbaugh, Marcus Schaefer
3. Game Theory - Winning ways for your mathematical plays by Elwyn R.
Berlekamp, John H. Conway, Richard K. Guy
4. Programming challenges - Steven Skienna
5. Concrete Mathematics - Knuth
6. How to solve it by a computer - Dromey
7. Structure and interpretation of computer programs - Elsevier
8. Programming Language Pragmatics - Micheal Scott : It gives
comparative study of various programming languages and helps you
decide choose the appropriate ones on the basis of time they take to
process information

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