Thursday, April 19, 2012

Solve contest problems

To Solve any codeforces contest problems:

1)Prepare the testcases from the given problem statement
2)Prepare test samples
3)Prepare design
4)Check if any datastructure can be used & what will be the cons & pros
5)If multiple datastructure can be used, Identify the best
suitable datastructure
6) Sometimes tradeoff clarity/simplicity over efficiency
7) Once completed the code, test with test samples
8) if anyone has already submitted the problem, we can see the
testcases used for testing the solution.
we can check our code with codeforces simple testinputs
This will clarify if we misunderstood the problem statement.
[Ex: For Cd and PWd commands problem, from the problem
statement, I assumed that .. or / wont come at end.
But from the testsamples,I came to know this as a valid input]
9) Think on how to improve the code

After seeing others code,

1) Prepare testcases from code
2) Prepare testsamples to break the code
3) Randomly remove some lines of code and try to fix it...
This will give a chance to understand/read others code.

4.Identify any language functions/features used in code for
addressing particular scenarion & think of it
how to use it
5.Check the efficient code[less execution time] written by others
6.Check others code which is having clarity and simplicity

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