Thursday, July 24, 2008

WMP doesnt load the Source Filter

WMP doesnt load the Source Filter Problem:
if we are giving the URL like this: t=18
then the windows media player is not loaded the PD Stream Source DLL;

Currently the youtube URL is not accessible in my system;So kindly give another Wrong URL and check whether the Windows Media player loads our PD Stream Source Filter;
Eventhough the invalid URL we have given to the Windows media player (, the Windows media player loads the PdStream Source filter;

with URL without extension, it is not loading the source filter ( Ex: http://192.168.233:8080/test);
I got parameter incorrect if I am using the http://192.168.233:8080/

Even though we registered the custom file type( http://), Windows media player is not able to load the source filter; ( We already registered the File type and source filter in registry ).
Windows media player is able to load the source filter only for the following URL:
URL WindowsMediaPlayer error Parameter Incorrect SourceFilter for this file can't be loaded t=susisueie&fmt=18
Source Filter for this file can't be loaded

Source Filter class ID is:

We have not registered the File Extension type (http://) separately. So the Register Custom File type can be done within the Source Filter;( By addding the registry settings Programmatically);


Source Filter =
<.ext1> =
<.ext2> =

if we have sepcified any extensions, if the URL is having that extension, then only the source filter will be loaded;
Source Filter =
.ext1 =".mp3"
.ext2 =".mp4" then only it will loads the Source filter
otherwise it will not loads the Source Filter;

Another way of resgistering the source Filter :
Key and value is as follows:
.mp4 { Filter CLASS ID}
.mp3 { Filter Class ID}
So whenever it is having URL with extension then only WMP will loads the specified class ID source filter;

Finally I have solved the problem;
we have to add the Source Filter and class ID in the HKCR\http;
So now WMP will loads the Source Filter automatically;

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